About Us

What is Good Samaria Network?

Good Samaria Network was founded upon the compassion people feel for their community. Everywhere around us there are people in need, people in distress, people like you and me who need a helping hand. We intend to remedy that through charity, raising public awareness of the issues, and telling their stories.

Good Samaria Network is an invitation to make a difference. We come from all backgrounds, beliefs, and religions with the common mission of ‘active compassion’. If you find yourself wanting to help, but don’t know where to start, Good Samaria Network is the place for you.

Good Samaria Network is a universal group of committed individuals from various backgrounds who share in the mission of ‘active compassion.’  We seek to provide care and support for the homeless.

Our Mission

  • To provide a service for vulnerable people living in the community
  • To combat poverty in the community
  • To value diversity of culture in the community
  • To provide a service to all sections of the community
  • To network with other agencies and organizations

Future Goals

  • To seek funding for the Good Samaria Network project
  • Transportation needed (van to transport foodstuff and volunteers)
  • Office space/premises
  • Building to operate a soup run
  • To establish other projects in Europe and internationally

What we Offer

  • Training is free for all volunteers
  • Training programme consist of homeless overviews, mental health, substance misuse awareness and dealing with conflict
  • Training is organised by Housing Justice Unleash and Bexley Voluntary Service Council

Other Important Information

Who supports Good Samaria Network?

Good Samaria Network is supported by Pret a Manger in Canary Wharf who donates food to the poor and needy.

Where do we meet for the soup runs?

The Good Samaria Network team meet 5pm every Sunday at Old Tram Yard, Lakedale Road, Plumstead, London SE18.
We travel to the corner of Temple Station to feed the homeless.

How can you help?

If you interested in helping Good Samaria Network, you can support by feeding the homeless, offering clothes to the clothing bank, admin support, IT, counselling, becoming a trainer/educator or organiser. Please contact Good Samaria Network office for more details.